Where it all started.

Tom Anthony was raised in a small farming community in the Plains. Tina was raised following the rodeo circuit and spending time as a young child herding cattle on horseback with her father. Tom and Tina quickly learned reputation is earned and integrity is something you can’t put a price on.

Tom and Tina have built Tomina Consulting on the same values and ideals that were standards where they were raised.

Tom has been working in customer service, diagnostics, repair, technical design and market research since the late ‘70s. Tina has over 27 years’ experience in technical and administrative training, conference organization, computer application development and training, and customer service.

There are many choices for technology partners. Many of us get the same certifications, same training on the same products (Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Dell, HP, etc.) and work the same long hours.

So what makes Tomina Consulting different?

First, our approach to your data configuration is much different. Many companies will set passwords, settings, policies, etc. and keep that information hidden deeper than the recipe for Coca Cola. If you need to change anything or move IT companies, you are held hostage with your own information. This should never be. Your data configuration is yours. We document all information thoroughly and give you an encrypted copy. Any time the information changes, your copy of the data sheet is updated and sent out immediately. When you need to know anything about your network, it is at your fingertips.

When you have a problem, you need help right away. We get many compliments on our responsiveness. There are numerous ways that we can connect with you and address your issues in a fast and effective manner. The techs at Tomina Consulting work very hard to communicate clearly and thoroughly. It is important to understand not only what you are purchasing but why and the impact that choice will have on your business. That way you can make positive and empowered decisions.

Tomina Consulting takes a long view. We provide solutions that will deliver service for many years.

To reach Tomina Consulting call 602-881-5039 or

Thank you for taking the time learn more about Tomina Consulting.


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