CUSTOM3Tomina Consulting partners with a wide variety of suppliers to give you the best options to fit your company’s needs. Systems are designed to your specifications and your business needs. We offer custom designed, business class workstations, laptops and servers all with a three year, next day delivery parts warranty at no extra cost to you.

Many independent system builders offer “white box” solutions that may use name brand components but cannot offer continual firmware updates and hardware support beyond the year warranty. This means that if you need a component replaced, it may be substituted with a like or lesser quality part. If you choose our Premium Workstations, we guarantee that you will get exact replacement parts for a period of 3 years. You also get firmware and updates for a period of 3 years all from one easy website. When comparing systems, ask if your “white box” system builder can provide that.

Whole Office Approach

Tomina Consulting looks at the bigger picture. When we recommend equipment for your business, we look at much more than what device fits in a particular spot.
Before we recommend products, we look at:

  • Compatibility with existing equipment
  • Cost vs. Longevity
  • Power consumption costs
  • Warranty and Support options
  • Brand comparisons and product reviews
  • Licensing compliance
  • Bundled options to reduce equipment costs

Ask us for a free Technology Review. We can look at what equipment you currently have, Listen to your long range goals and map out an action plan on how to reach those goals. It’s FREE!


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We support Windows and Mac!

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