REMOTE3There are times when you need help now! We are only a phone call away. Let Tomina Consulting be your help desk. We can help you over the phone, via email, or with specialized tools customized by us to log into your computer remotely so we can fix it on the fly! You may be at a coffee house in Florida and need our help; no problem. Laptop on the beach in Maui? We got your back. Tomina Consulting has even completed support calls to Costa Rica. We are at your service.

Initiate Remote Support for Mac Initiate Remote Support for Windows

Tomina Consulting’s online remote support works quickly without the need for pre-installed software. We can quickly provide online desktop remote control support to you or your employees anywhere on the Internet simply and affordably.

Save time and money by decreasing down-time and increasing productivity
Support can be offered to your remote users via their phone cards; ie Verizon or TMobile
Talk to a live technician while the repair is being done
No need to schedule around drive times and traffic

Remote support can also be used for training. With our remote desktop sharing technology, you share the same desktop the technician does. We can do software training, software installation and configuration, hardware reconfiguration and installation, etc.

Your security is paramount to Tomina Consulting. You are always in control. At no time can we initiate remote control without your permission and if you wish to terminate the session, you can do it with the click of a button.


Remote Server Monitoring

Tomina Consulting has in-depth expertise in Microsoft’s leading server platforms:

  • Windows Hyper-V
  • Windows Remote Desktop Server Services
  • Windows Exchange Server on Premises and Cloud
  • Microsoft SQL Server

We offer On-Site Support, Phone Support, Remote Troubleshooting and Network Administration

Call for special pricing on preventative maintenance programs for your business.


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We support Windows and Mac!

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